M&M Biomedical Technology is an IT company, that specializes in consulting, designing, testing and troubleshooting of computer and mobile software.
Our IT team is comprises of dedicated young talents workinground the clock, to ensure delivery of service before deadline. We have over the years designed and installed sophisticated software that is not now a mark of quality and inspiration tomany.
We can design custom software to do specific job based on client description as well as installed and configure propriety software.
We can help you troubleshoot a defective software and fix problems that are bugging your operation and services.
We also over a comprehensive training package to help you or your employee learn how to use and impliment specific computer applications. With the advances in computer technology and networking, we can install, repair or tech you how to use software from anywhere in the world, without physically being infront of your computer. All you need is an internet connection and it is done!

Some of the softwares developed by us include:

Electronic Health Record (MedBook)
Clinical Auditing and Register (MdSense)
...and many customed applications

Bomj App


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Are you looking of someone to teach you how to do something with computer, mobile phone or on the net?

Do you have a problem you want to solve by designing a software?

Together we can do much more than you can ever dream of.

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Our IT team can help you fix your gadget where ever you are. We can can connect with your devices and computer remotely and do a little magic that will put back a smile on your face.

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